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How to define the critical experience(s)

How to define the critical experience(s) that enable your people to work om their personal development needs and grow their leadership.


Personal development is most importantly driven by providing the right experiences to people. The 70-20-10 principle already showed that 70% of our learning comes from experience, 20% from related feedback and 10% from trainings. Understanding which type of experiences create which development opportunities helps leaders unlock the rich potential that our day-to-day work offers, and drive the personal development of their people.


All trainings can be performed online and can be tailored to your company processes and tools. On request, follow up from the trainings in the form of peer-to-peer intervision can be facilitated.

Peer to peer intervision is a powerful platform for leaders and employees to learn from each-others experience and approach. Current clients range from start-ups to midsize companies. Due to the focus on the ‘how to?’ question the approach is also very suitable for small companies.


Want to know more? Feel free to reach out!

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