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How to grow the performance of your people?

The Growth Approach replaces the well-known people performance – and talent management processes by one process and offers the opportunity to step away from the use of ratings to evaluate employee performance and potential.


The Growth Approach finds answers to three key questions:



What did you realize recently?


How do you help to strengthen our        desired culture?


Do you maximize your talent?


The aim is to find out how fast employees can and want to grow and if they play in the roles where they are at their best?


The standard design of the Growth Approach can be implemented 1on1 in your organization or tailored to specific needs. The implementation is supported by a training for leaders and employees.


Next to the Growth Approach the ‘must have’ toolbox for leaders and employees consists of the following trainings:

· How to perform 1on1’s with your people?

· How to set performance goals?

· How to hold regular performance


· How to identify the one personal 

  development area to grow your       


· How to define the critical experiences to

  action your personal development?

· How to hold dialoques with

  underperforming employees?


Look at the must have toolbox page or reach out for more information.

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