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Maximizing performance by 

Helping Managers Achieve Their Goals
& Empowering Employees

During my 25 years of experience as an HR Leader I have been passionate about growing the performance of people, teams and organizations.


Especially to do so within the context of the company’s strategy and related operational plans. In my view the key to successful execution of a company strategy is the level of alignment of the operating model, culture, leadership and employee performance. Creating clear direction, with focus areas where your people can make the most out of it, is a practice that I have helped leaders to apply with success.

As simple as this may sound, practicing this with discipline is not easy. Not only because it is challenging to stay on course amongst the many things that need to be done and the constant change we all experience. Moreover because of the broad skill set leaders need to master, in order to perform this key leadership task.

From my experience and my passion, I work with proven co-creation processes and have developed practical skill trainings for leaders and employees that focus on the key question: how to create focus within my team and help my people to thrive?

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